Wholesale Bananas Global Distributor

Hunte conventional and organic bananas are proudly grown in Ecuador and distributed internationally.

Proudly Grown In & Shipped From Ecuador

The world’s most biodiverse nations produce the greatest bananas. Growing them in Ecuador, for example, ensures that they are cultivated in some of the most fertile soil and under the most ideal circumstances. Ecuador’s own Hunte Bananas are exported across the world to local markets everywhere.

Family Owned Business

Our family has been in the banana production business for over 50 years. We know what we’re doing!

Organically Grown

We began the process of producing organic bananas in 2007 and happily offer conventional and organically grown fruit.

Global Distributor

Our bananas are distributed by companies such as Dole, Chiquita Brands, Del Monte, and Rey Banano Del Pacifico, and more.

Conventional Bananas

Conventional bananas are the most common fruit found on grocery store shelves. This is the banana that you likely grew up eating. Not only is this banana generally very sweet but it also grows quickly.

organic bananas

Organic Bananas

Organic bananas are a healthy treat for anyone with a sweet tooth, but they’re also incredibly beneficial to the environment as they are grown without harmful chemicals. There is no good substitute for organic bananas.

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banana trees
green bananas on tree
ripening bananas
worker with pallet of bananas

Become a Local Merchant

We are proud to say that our bananas are currently distributed in a wide variety of markets internationally. Learn how you can become a distributing partner with us.

100% Sustainable Process

We understand the importance of a streamlined process in both the production and shipping of our products. We provide both conventional and organic options to our customers. Our conventional line has a traditionally sweet flavor that lasts longer than organic.  Our organic line is free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and we rely only on natural methods to stimulate plant growth and eliminate predatory insects.

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yusuf hunte

Yusuf D. Hunte (President)

About Us

I am Yusuf D. Hunte, owner and President of Hunte Bananas and my mission is to produce and distribute a high-level fruit at an affordable price for the entire world to enjoy. Our family is committed to only providing the finest products and will continue to surpass the industry’s standards to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.

Hunte Bananas is an extension of the famous Saldaña Family Banana Heritage of Ecuador, a banana plantation that was established in 1958 by Rafael Saldaña Mendosa. Our bananas are distributed by companies such as Dole, Chiquita Brands, Del Monte, Rey Banano Del Pacifico, and more.

We are thankful for all of the influential people that have played a part in the growth of our business. A special thank you to Jenniffer Saldaña Hunte, who has inherited her family’s passion for the land and continues to lead the business as Chief Executive Officer. 

What Our Clients Have To Say

jeremy holt

Best bananas you can find out there, hands down. I buy them all the time and they taste amazing. Yusef is always available when you need him and is the best banana supplier I know.

Jeremy Holt

jasmine fernando

Tengo mucha suerte de haber encontrado un gran proveedor de banano orgánico que se cultiva y envía desde Ecuador. Realmente son increíbles y puedes notar la diferencia.

Jasmine Fernando

phil barton

My first large order of organic bananas from Hunte was in great shape and arrived quickly. My customers love them. I will definitely be purchasing from them again!

Phil Barton