About Hunte Bananas

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How We Got Started

The Saldaña Family Banana Plantation was founded by our grandfather, Rafael Saldaño Mendosa in 1958. He made countless sacrifices to bring his dream of a family business into fruition. His son, Luis Carlos Saldaña Romero, worked at his father’s side until taking over the business in 1960.

With this new transition, Luis focused on his goal of expanding the areas of banana production. His efforts over the next 17 years certainly paid off with an unprecedented harvest in 1977. Luis became the first exporter for the renowned Chiquita Brands.

Then & Now

Richard Denis Saldaña Barreto assumed the direction of the company in 1990 and continued to carry on the traditions of the family business. In 2007, the company ventured into one of their greatest priorities — organic bananas. In the beginning, it was not an easy task, but with much study and sacrifice, the vision became a reality.

Since this feat, we have become pioneers in the production of organic bananas and have shared our practices with as many producers as possible.

Jenniffer Saldaña Hunte has inherited her family’s passion, commitment, and drive for the land. With a deep love for what she does, Jenniffer continues to lead the family business through tradition and innovation as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Her husband, Yusuf Hunte is equally invested in the success of the family’s banana plantation. He founded Hunte Bananas LLC as an extension of the family business in the hopes of expanding its reach. Hunte bananas are currently distributed by transnational companies such as Dole, Chiquita Brands, Del Monte, and Rey Banano Del Pacifico, and more. Our fruit has reached markets in the United States, Argentina, Germany, Russia, Japan, Belgium, England, Italy, Turkey, with many more locations to come.

We thank God for giving us both the ability to lead the company and the keys for its success as well as opening the doors to unite us with our clients. We are also grateful for all of the influential people that played a part in the growth of our business and are excited to witness the adventures of our future generations

Mi Linea Familiar

1st Generation

Rafael Saldaña Mendoza
(Great Grandfather)

2nd Generation

Luis Carlos Saldaña Romero

Luis Carlos Saldana Romero

3rd Generation

Richard Denis Saldaña Barreto
(Father, Plantation Owner)

Richard Denis Saldana Barreto

4th Generation

Jenniffer Saldaña Hunte
(Daughter, CEO)

Jenniffer Saldana image

Yusuf D. Hunte
(Husband, President & Company Owner)

yusuf hunte

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce and distribute a high level fruit at an affordable price for the world to enjoy.

This is a work to which we have made countless sacrifices and dedicated all of our efforts. Our family is commited to only providing the finest products and will continue to surpass the industry’s standards to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.

Our Approach

Our family is proud to supply our fruit to hundreds of markets around the world. Ever wonder how bananas go from a banana plantation to your table? Take a walk through our banana plantation and check out our process below!

bananas at cleaning station


When our bananas reach our facility, they are thoroughly inspected and cleaned to insure that only the finest fruit is chosen for shipment.

banana boxes stacked in truck


Once the bananas have undergone the cleaning process, they are carefully packaged to prevent any bruising during the shipping phase.

bananas displayed in market

Local Markets

From our banana plantation to your table, we strive to deliver the utmost quality in the fruit that comes from our neck-of-the-woods.

Join Us in a Tour of Our Banana Plantation

The current banana plantation owner, Richard Denis Saldaña Barreto, is continually touring his fields to ensure that the fruit is always at its finest and that every protocol is followed.

He takes great pride in the business that his grandfather built and is eager for the legacy to continue throughout his family.

Join him as he relates all of the steps required for the fruit to safely reach markets across the world.

Thank you for supporting us in our journey.